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How We Designed a Classic Radio Experience — the Conception of the Model One+

How We Designed a Classic Radio Experience — the Conception of the Model One+
Editor’s note: Tivoli Audio CEO, Paul De Pasquale, shares his insight about the creation of the Model One+ 



Over the past few years we’ve observed Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) growing throughout Europe, so much so that in the next few years, DAB will become the predominant radio source. 

With this trend in mind, we looked at many DAB products currently on the market and noticed that what was missing was a model that balances design, ease of use, and an analog experience. These characteristics in a product are the features that have made the Model One and many other Tivoli Audio products successful and unique. Therefore, we decided to fill that missing void in the DAB market, which resulted in the creation of our newest product the Model One+.



When designing the new Model One+ we wanted to uphold the classic minimalistic design while incorporating DAB model features. The two main DAB elements are a display screen and a remote control. The display screen allows listeners the function of reading out all the stations scanned, because station lists vary depending on the country and city. The remote control is key to navigate the various DAB features and settings.



We decided to take a design inspiration from our Model Three BT, which would place the driver on top, as a top firing speaker. This would give us the space needed to place a display screen in a way that would keep the balance of the design and functionality. 

Our tuning dial on the Model One+ continues to provide the hands on “analog” feel, while interacting with a digital tuner needed for DAB signal. For additional DAB experience, we have added digital presets, as well as a full function remote control.


It can scan, tune, and play music as simply as the classic Model One while providing DAB model features.  Aside from the new design we are also introducing new colors such as Grey/White, Oak/lack, and our classic Walnut/Beige.

Sound quality was another element we focused on when designing the new Model One+. We’ve taken the same sonic approach we took with all of our models, tuning the EQ based on our driver design and cabinet volume and finding the balance for a more natural replication of audio. Also, like many of our models, we have also equipped the Model One+ with FM, Bluetooth, and an Auxiliary input. While we were at it, we added an alarm clock. 

Our goal was to mix the experience of our analog products with DAB+ technology in a timeless design. We did just that with our New Model One+. Now you can enjoy everything that has made the Tivoli Audio Model One a timeless classic for your home and office, but with Digital Audio Broadcasting capabilities.

The Model One+ is available for in regions offering DAB technology (AUS, EU, and UK). 


Model One+
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