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Road Tripping to Coastal Rhode Island for a Local Artist's Stunning Airbnb Rental Home Tour

Road Tripping to Coastal Rhode Island for a Local Artist's Stunning Airbnb Rental Home Tour

When it comes to the arts, Sean W Spellman has got it covered. Whether the medium is illustration, painting, photography, music, or even video, Sean has a hand in it. And his calming, minimalistic seascapes, and methodically placed brushstrokes, have been featured in the likes of Rolling Stone, Urban Outfitters, and Dwell Magazine.

So when we heard Sean and his partner My had taken their innate and unique talent for visual aesthetics into the world of interior design, we knew that we (and you!) just had to see how they perfectly meld My's Scandinavian roots with Sean's original artwork in their cozy cape house in Westerly, Rhode Island. And we'll get this out of the way now: it's available to rent for your next summer beach trip!

If you're thinking of making a trip to the Rhode Island coast, or just need a quick vicarious vacation, check out Sean's recommendations on how to get the most out of your visit to Westerly, and take a tour of the charming South County House...


Names: Sean W Spellman and My Larsdotter

Location: Westerly, RI

Tell us a little about the house. 

My and I were touring musicians for the better part of the last decade. After we met, we were looking to get off the road a bit and find a more consistent home. I had been renting a friend's guesthouse in Westerly and we decided to try living here because it was quiet and near the ocean, but close to major cities.
Describe your décor style. 

Wabi Sabi Wannabe, Nordic New England, Thrift Store Cowboy.

We love the fact that the house is full of your own, original artwork. Were your paintings inspired by the place they're being displayed, or did you start with the space and create the painting from there?

It's a mix. Many of the paintings had been made before we lived here, but as they have sold they have been replaced by work that is made specifically for the house, like the piece above the fireplace, the ones in the kitchen and master bedroom, and several others.
Favorite room or feature? 

The kitchen, in the morning with a pot of tea. My's favorite is the bathtub.

What are the songs you should add to your playlist for this trip?

Any of William Tyler's records (he's stayed at the house while on tour), the "I am The Center" comp (for optimal chilling), Bill Evans, or Lambchop's "Is a Woman". We've also been listening to Nilla Pizzi quite a bit lately.
Tivoli Audio product of choice? 

We love the Model One and Model Three. We love the Model One's classic look and how it fits with the interior of a home with very few items of technology in a very natural way.

Can't-miss things to do while staying in Westerly? 

With so many options, you have to check out the live music scene: my concert series, Westerly Sound (@westerlysound) does all kinds of events throughout Westerly and the surrounding areas that will pick back up in a socially-distant way in 2021.

The United Theater (opening in 2021) is going to change the town of Westerly in a very positive way. Several venues under one roof for music, film, performance, etc. It will also house a music school and the local NPR station. Very stoked about it.

And finally, the Knickerbocker is an old blues club that has been renovated and now has a 300 cap venue as well as a tap room for smaller shows.

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