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How to Connect your Music System Home Gen 2 and Model Sub to your Apple TV

How to Connect your Music System Home Gen 2 and Model Sub to your Apple TV
If using Apple TV, you can stream audio using AirPlay 2. If using physical connection, use the Digital/Optical connection, or the 3.5mm Aux In.
To connect your Music System Home to a Model SUB for a 2.1 audio experience. Pressing the SUB button automatically enables a bass cut function, which may be disabled separately through the Settings Menu.
1. Connect the receiver to power using the supplied USB cable to a 5V power supply (not included).
2. Check the switch on the receiver is set to “Rx”.
3. Plug one end of the included 3.5mm Adapter into the receiver, the other end into the Line Input of your Model SUB.
NOTE: The Model SUB must be set to Auxiliary Input mode.
4. Short press the “SUB” button on the back of your Music System Home.
5. Short press the button on the receiver. The light will start blinking rapidly, indicating pairing mode.
6. Once connected, the light on the receiver will flash in an intermittent pulse.  The volume of your Model SUB must be set independently from the Music System Home. If either the Receiver or Music System Home is turned off, the pairing process must be repeated.
Please note: The BT Sub Receiver is packaged with the Model SUB.
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