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Making a difference with Nadrasca

Making a difference with Nadrasca
When choosing a new Australian warehouse, we came across Nadrasca and found the perfect fit. Nadrasca is a Registered Disability Support Organization that provides a range of services and employment for over 400 people with disabilities. They provide several business services including printing, packaging and assembling, manufacturing, and warehouse and supply chain management.

Tivoli Audio uses Nadrasca for their warehousing and shipping capabilities — and we have never been disappointed. Morgan Hyde, Australian Sales & Operations Administrator, is our main contact with Nadrasca and speaks their praises.

“Tivoli Audio Australia has worked with a number of warehouses and Nadrasca by far has been the most enjoyable. Marcus and his team are problem solvers who work with us and are an extension of the Tivoli Audio team. Their willingness to help, coupled with how they genuinely care about doing their best, makes them a joy to work with.”

When in search of a warehouse Tivoli Audio was looking for one with a staff that understands and tailors to our business needs. Nadrasca’s attention to detail and ability to provide us with a variety of shipping and warehousing requirements helps us operate as best we can. The warehouse itself is always impeccably clean, showing that they take pride in what they do and in keeping their staff safe.

“The work generated from Tivoli Audio will create hundreds of hours of social employment. Having a job, establishing work routines, new connections, and participating in day-to-day activity is the essence of social impact. We’re so happy that the Tivoli Audio team recognizes the benefits of partnering with us,” said Justin Eastcott, General Manager Nadrasca Industry.

By providing their staff of over 130 individuals living with disabilities with additional services and training, Nadrasca teaches them on-the-job skills. This directly impacts the lives of their employees and gives them great financial and social independence. They also work towards their staff’s individual goals to ultimately help them gain the skills they need to move into jobs outside of Nadrasca if possible.

"The work that Nadrasca does for their customers and employees is truly an inspiration. Partnering with a company that is creating a diverse and inclusive practice brings me comfort in the knowledge that it aligns with our own core values of a diverse, compassionate, and connected workplace," said Paul DePasquale, Tivoli Audio CEO.

Out of all of the warehouses in Australia, we could not be happier about our choice in Nadrasca. By partnering with them, Tivoli Audio can make a difference for these individuals and an entire community.

Learn more about Nadrasca and their mission here.

All photos provided by Nadrasca.
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