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Mocktails & Music

Mocktails & Music
The month of February is full of love, hearts, and all things pink. Nothing calls better for this than a mocktail night-in. Grab your cocktail glasses, a good playlist, and your favorite speaker - and let’s get going! 
Espresso Mocktini (around 2 servings)   
- Double espresso shot (2 oz) 
- Sweetened condensed milk (2 tbsp) 
- Heavy whipping cream (1/4 cup) 
- Cocoa powder (2 tbsp) 
- Martini Glasses 
- Cocktail Shaker 
- Ice 
The first thing you want to do is rim your martini glasses with cocoa powder. Use a little bit of espresso as glue, or you can use simple syrup or water as well. Line the rim of your glass with a bit of espresso, then pour some cocoa powder onto a plate. Turn the glass upside down and swivel the brim around the plate. This should be the result: 
Next, it’s time to make the mocktail. Add all ingredients into the cocktail shaker with ice and shake it for 20-30 seconds. Pour the mocktail between the two glasses and serve! 
If you’re not feeling an espresso mocktini, we have a delicious fruity mocktail for you to try:   
The Strawberry Drop (around 2 servings) 
- 12 oz can of Olipop Strawberry Vanilla (or a similar soda) 
- 3 Strawberries 
- Lemon Juice (3 tablespoons) 
- Carbonated water (raspberry flavored optional – around 1/3 cup) 
- Skewers (the cuter the better) 
- Cocktail glasses 
- Ice 
Step one is to prepare our garnish. These strawberry heart skewers are a super cute and easy way to elevate the drink. 
To make these strawberry hearts, first slice each strawberry in half lengthwise. One strawberry makes two hearts. If the strawberry is on the bigger side, I suggest cutting off the rounded edge to make it a bit smaller. Then you’ll want to cut two small corners off the wider side of the strawberry, and a small ‘V’ shape in the middle. The result should look like this: 
Now it’s time to make the drink itself. Add ice to your cocktail glasses and pour the ingredients in one at a time. Since this recipe makes two drinks, I suggest either making the recipe in one glass and then dividing it between the two or splitting the ingredients up as you’re adding them. 
This is where you can fully customize the mocktail. If you want it sweeter, more carbonated, tangier – add less or more of those certain ingredients. All the ingredients blend well together, so depending on what you prefer, you can add less or more than I did to taste! Pour the mocktail into your glass and top the drink off with the strawberry skewers.
Now you can sit back, listen to your favorite jams on Model Two Digital, and sip the night away. 
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