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Erick the Architect Presents — a Soundscape for Healing and Inspiration

Erick the Architect Presents — a Soundscape for Healing and Inspiration
Editor’s note: We’ve always stood by our belief that music is a universal language that speaks to everyone from all walks of life. Amidst the fight for human rights currently happening in the United States, we're talking positivity and shining light into the darkness with a playlist curated by Erick the Architect, of Brooklyn hip-hop trio, Flatbush Zombies.

One of the first forms of music I was introduced to by my parents was soul music/R&B. I adopted this music from a young age, and was taught to appreciate it as, "real music".

My mother showed me music from the 60’s Motown era as a young man, and told me the stories of how she would go to record stores to buy her favorite songs on vinyl. Her favorites ranged from: James Brown, Sam Cooke, The Isley Brothers, Ray Goodman & Brown, Joe Tex, The Temptations, Etta James, Quincy Jones, The Supremes, Issac Hayes, Lionel Richie, and the list goes on. All of the music I ingested as a child heavily shaped my interest in my pursuit to become a producer and artist.

The instrumentation in these songs drew me closer to the universal message that was/is present in all soul music. To face opposition, to search for more, to hope and strive for change, to love, to become more centered as human, and heartbreak. I chose these songs for this playlist because they deeply resonate with my beliefs and promote positivity despite all the wrong that exists in this world.

Personal Favorites:

Sun Goddess - Earth, Wind & Fire
This song changes throughout the entire duration of the track--
I don't think there are many actual written words at all. The song gives the feeling of promise and hope. It's been one of my favorite songs that can always switch up my mood instantly.

Open Your Eyes - Bobby Caldwell
A bonafide classic. This song was sampled in Common's song, "The Light", another one of my all-time favorites. Bobby's message still remains true in 2020. Everyone needs support from someone that cares, right?

Angel - Anita Baker
Love songs like this one don't come around very often! "Only you can make it real, only you can make it all right". Anita Baker is easily one of my favorite vocalists of all time. This is one of her many songs that captivate you within the first couple seconds of the song!

Only People Can Save The World - The Whatnauts
I really, really love this song. The instrumental backing is so beautiful and perfectly complements the message of the record. [Especially] at a time when our society is subjected to injustice and hate, it is easy at times to feel hopeless. Songs like this one remind me that there is hope for our future, but it always begins with the will of our own people; we are responsible for the fate of our planet and every living thing on it.  

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About the Author
Rapper, singer, producer, songwriter, artist, and musician. Catch Erick as producer of the Flatbush ZOMBiES or performing on Twitch at The Architect's Corner.

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