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celebrating an icon

Since our founding in 2000, Tivoli Audio has been proudly bringing design-oriented audio products to the consumers. The first product we produced, the Model One table radio, has made its way into the lives of countless individuals worldwide over the past twenty years. As time has passed and technology has evolved, the continued success of the Model One shows that there is no replacement for simple, beautiful, and quality audio products. In our current smart device and voice-activated world, the Model One invites you to connect to something physical and tactile. The Model One, a statement in timeless design, continues to be the cornerstone of our brand.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Tivoli Audio, we have produced a limited-edition Model One BT. As we look back at the past twenty years, our philosophy and evolution as a company has been influenced and inspired by the Model One, a product that is considered an icon in design and sound.

2000 - 2004

an ideal start

The Model One was designed by renowned audio engineer Henry Kloss. Stylistically similar to table radios Kloss had designed for KLH in the 1950s-60s, the Model One had a large smooth tuning dial but with a little bit extra. This deceptively simple product hid technology that would help lock in on faint stations and acoustics that sounded better than many other audio products that were considerably more expensive.

Released in 2000, the Model One was met with accolades from audiophiles for its sound quality and designers for its impeccable utilitarian design. With these key elements of the Model One, Tivoli Audio began to produce a line of products that directly evolved from its design. The Model Two, Model Three, and PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) all included the iconic analog dial and superior audio quality for their small size.

2005 - 2009

around the world

Tivoli Audio products quickly gained international popularity, so a distribution network was created to bring the products to markets around the world. Many of our distribution partners, including ones in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Finland, have been with us since the start and continue to sell the Model One today.

The unique design and quality of our products also caught the eye of many brands, which has led to customized products as well as Tivoli Audio's own limited-edition series.

2010 - 2014

bigger than life

With technology changing how we listen to music and the devices that store it, Tivoli Audio added Bluetooth® to its iconic audio products. To celebrate the Giant Model One, a transportable showroom/pop-up shop, was unveiled in Milan, Italy. It continues to tour the world today and is currently in South Korea.

2015 - 2019

wi-fi reboot

When adding Wi-Fi to our products, we immediately looked to the Model One for inspiration. Staying true to the simple midcentury modern design of the Model One and its iconic tuning dial, the Model One Digital is injected with the latest Wi-Fi streaming technology to create a mix of the old and new. This distinct mix has led to a full line of Wi-Fi and smart audio products.


looking forward

During a challenging year, with many isolated at home, we have seen how the Model One continues to connect people to the world around them through radio and inspire them with music. As we continue to work towards a new normal, or for some, a new beginning, Tivoli Audio has released its latest iteration of the Model One for our DAB markets, the Model One+. A direct evolution, the Model One+ allows the user to tune to a digital radio station through our iconic analog inspired 5:1 ratio knob- a stark difference from the buttons or apps usually provided on DAB products.

The 20th Anniversary
Limited Edition

To celebrate, Tivoli Audio is producing 1600 limited-edition numbered Model One BTs in a high-gloss lacquer coated walnut finish. Atop the unit reads 20th Anniversary in mother-of-pearl inlay, commemorating this special occasion. The knobs and tuning dial have been crafted out of wood and coated in high gloss lacquer to match the radio’s cabinet. The rest of the product remains the same. Simple and stylish – at home in any space to provide you with years of listening pleasure.

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