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How do I connect to the Model SUB via the ART app?

Please refer to the how-to videos here.

How can I use the Model SUB with my non-Wi-Fi products?

To use the Model SUB with your traditional audio system, use the Line Input on the side of the unit. Please read the Wired Connection section below.

What products can use a wired connection with the Model SUB?

Any products with an audio or line output can use the Model SUB. We recommend using the Model SUB with stereo systems, including our Music System products.

How do I set up a wired connection with the Model SUB?

You will need a 3.5mm (1/8”) Auxiliary Cable. Plug one end of the cable into an output of your main system and the other end into the Line Input plug on your Model SUB. The correct output on the main system will be marked SUB OUT or REC OUT depending on your model. Make sure your Model SUB is in Auxiliary Input mode by pressing the Source button until the light turns purple. Adjust the volume on the main unit and the Model SUB to taste.

When using a wired connection, why does my Model SUB pop when the main system is turned on?

When you’re using a wired connection with the Model SUB, a popping sound can be caused by the on/off switch on the main system. To prevent this, make sure to power on the main system before you power on the Model SUB.

When using a wired connection from the Music System Home Gen. 1 to the Model SUB, why does it sound distorted?

The Line Out plug on the Music System Home Gen. 1 is not properly calibrated for the Line Input of the Model SUB, so distortion can result from the volume mismatch. Instead, connect the units wirelessly with the Tivoli Audio ART app.

How do I connect the Model SUB to the Music System Home Gen. 2 via the Bluetooth SUB Receiver?

1. Connect the BT Sub Receiver to power using the supplied USB cable to a 5V power supply (not included).
2. Check the switch on the receiver is set to “RX”.
3. Plug one end of the included 3.5mm adapter into the receiver, the other end into the Line Input of your Model SUB. NOTE: The Model SUB must be set to Auxiliary Input mode.
4. Short press the “SUB” button on the back of your Music System Home Generation 2.
5. Short press the button on the receiver. The light will start blinking rapidly, indicating pairing mode.
6. Once connected, the light on the receiver will flash in an intermittent pulse.
The volume of your Model SUB must be set independently from the Music System Home. If either the receiver or Music System Home is turned off, the pairing process must be repeated.

What if I did not receive the BT SUB Receiver with my Model SUB?

If you ordered a Music System Home Gen. 2 and a Model SUB and did not receive the receiver, please contact our Customer Support team here. If you ordered a different product, the Model SUB will not ship with a BT SUB Receiver as the receiver is only compatible with the Music System Home Gen. 2.

My Model SUB is on and connected but no sound is coming from the speaker.

Try increasing the volume on your Model SUB. You can also check the volume on the Tivoli Audio ART app. If using a wired connection, confirm that the audio cable is plugged into the correct output of the main system and that it is compatible with the Model SUB. Next, check the output volume on your smart device. Make sure it is playing and try increasing the volume. If you are still experiencing this issue, try pausing and then playing your audio source. This will refresh the stream of music or may indicate a problem with your Wi-Fi network.

If you are using a music service that requires the speaker to be selected in the native app, such as Spotify, please confirm the correct speaker is selected.

I have set up the Model SUB with Wi-Fi but I can’t find it listed in the Tivoli Audio ART app.

Make sure the LED on the side of the speaker is a solid green color. If not, power off the unit by holding down the power button on the side of the unit until the LED turns red, then press the power button again to turn the unit back on. Restart the app, and once the LED on the unit is solid green, look for the speaker in the “Devices” window.

My Model SUB is unresponsive.

If your unit has become unresponsive and you are performing a firmware update, please refer to the “Issues with Firmware Update” troubleshooting item.

If you are not performing a firmware update, please check the status LED on the back of the unit to confirm the unit is in the proper source mode for your desired use.

If this does not solve your issue, disconnect your Model SUB from the power source and leave powered off for 1 minute. Then, plug the unit back in and power it on.

If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend performing a factory reset. To do so, press the Setup and Add/Drop buttons at the same time for 3 seconds or until the LED turns red. Then, press the power button. The unit has now been reset to factory default settings and will need to be reconnected to the Wi-Fi network through the Tivoli Audio ART app.

If the issue is still not resolved, please contact Customer Support.

Issues with Firmware Update:

While performing a firmware update via the Tivoli Audio ART app, if the update fails and the LED on the speaker is solid pink, please retry the update within the app as the speaker should still be visible in the app while in this state. If it fails again, this may indicate an issue with the Wi-Fi signal strength. Please do not press any buttons on the side of the unit or try to reset the product as this can create further issues.

If you still have issues with an update, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Understanding the LED on the side of the speaker:

The LED light on the Model SUB will indicate the status of the unit. Please find the breakdown of the LED light meanings below:

  • Solid Red light - Unit is Off
  • Fast Blinking Red/Blue light – Unit is starting up and looking to connect to a source
  • Blinking Green light - Unit is in Wi-Fi mode and ready to be set up on your Wi-Fi network using the Tivoli Audio ART app
  • Solid Green light - Unit is connected to Wi-Fi
  • Solid Purple light - Unit is on AUX mode (set to this when using the BT SUB Receiver or a wired connection)
  • Solid Pink light - unit is unresponsive, contact Customer Support

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