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Celebrating 20 Years of Tivoli Audio

Celebrating 20 Years of Tivoli Audio

Celebrating 20 Years of Tivoli Audio
By Paul De Pasquale

For the past 20 years, Tivoli Audio has been bringing the world its news, music, and podcasts in high-quality audio and iconic style, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for making Tivoli Audio radios a part of your lives for the last two decades! We’re celebrating the occasion all month long with a special edition radio, giveaways, and throwbacks from the vault, so let’s take a moment to reflect and talk about how it all began…



The Model One tabletop AM/FM radio was designed in 2000 by renowned audio engineer Henry Kloss. The radio that started it all and put us on the map was the key to opening the doors to the global market and creating the footprint we have today.


A distinct set of characteristics appealed to different markets we sell in. For instance, the natural materials and minimalistic aesthetic resonated with design focused countries such as: Italy, the Netherlands, France, Japan, and Norway. Meanwhile, the amazing sound quality and precision of the Model One fulfilled the needs of audiophiles ranging from Germany, Korea, Canada, and the United States. Stylistically similar to table radios Kloss had designed for KLH in the 1950s, this deceptively simple product hid technology that could lock in on faint stations, and acoustics which sounded far superior to other audio products that were considerably more expensive.

With MP3 players quickly gaining traction, forever altering the world’s music listening habits, it was unclear if a simple radio could remain such a crowd pleaser. However, the niche the Model One had created was unique and with the value it delivered there was nothing else like it at its price point. Tivoli Audio was officially here to stay – the Model One owners loved their radios, and today they all have their stories to tell…


It Takes a Village

Inspired by the design of the Model One, additional products evolved from its likeness such as: The Model Two, Model Three, and PAL radios, creating today’s Classic Collection.

As Tivoli Audio products quickly gained international popularity, we partnered with distributers from around the world creating a worldwide network. Many have been with us from the beginning and continue to sell our products to this day…


“For me, it was a life-changing opportunity, and I often reflect on my Tivoli Audio story and the coincidences leading to it. Henry Kloss was well known to me as I was retailing his other inventions since the 70’s. I enjoyed and am grateful for my association and partnership with Tivoli Audio over the years. I am continuing to this day to support and enjoy Tivoli Audio at a retail level.”

–Philippe Luder, Managing Director, Audio Dynamics


We continue to stay rooted in timeless design, however, with technology rapidly changing we’ve adapted modern product features to create the most optimal user experience. First adding Bluetooth to our iconic radios in 2010, then wi-fi streaming in 2015, and most recently adding DAB to the new Model One+, as well as AirPlay2 and Chromecast built-in to the Generation 2 ART collection.

"The Tivoli Audio Model One was always on my desktop, and a decade after I first got my Model One, I began working with Tivoli Audio in Japan. Maybe it's destiny?"

–Toru Nagai, Sales Manager


The Next 20

Before the expansive tabletop/plug-and-play audio boom that we’ve come to see today, there was Tivoli Audio. Our products have brought a level of luxury detail and design that are unheard of at the price point, and we made design in consumer audio electronics matter.

We are extremely proud of our collections and what they stand for – it is in our DNA and defines our philosophy that aesthetics should not be sacrificed for sound quality or vice versa. From our earliest days offering a single AM/FM radio, carrying through today and into tomorrow, we continue to live by our promise to design products which create a natural replication of audio reproduction, keep it simple, are easy to use, and bring enjoyment to everyone listening. After all, THAT is what music is all about.


Model One BT 20th Anniversary
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